Happy Canada Day with heart homes


                                                       ★·.·¯`·.·★ Aphrodite ★·.·¯`·.·★

Aphrodite Canada day mini party.... Marketplace
  • This fantastic Canadian Day party has everything you may need for this special day
    This Canada party set includes:
    ‧:❉:‧ Canada day balloons arch with lights and resizer script (9 LI)
    ‧:❉:‧ Happy Canada day sign ( 4 LI at big size)
    ‧:❉:‧ Canada day table: big buffet catering table decorated with maple leaves (6 LI)
    ‧:❉:‧ Aphrodite Canadian beers party bucket (4LI)
    ‧:❉:‧ Aphrodite Canada day tartelettes (10 LI)
    ‧:❉:‧ Aphrodite Canada cookies (1 LI)
    ‧:❉:‧ Aphrodite Canadian flag cake (5 LI)
    ‧:❉:‧Aphrodite Ice Cream Soda (3 LI)
    ‧:❉:‧ Aphrodite Canadian beer bucket (3 LI)
    ‧:❉:‧ Aphrodite buffet plates pile (3 LI)
    ‧:❉:‧ Aphrodite food warmer with Canada flag pizza & burgers (8 LI)
    2016- Copyrighted product by Marina Ramer & Rekka Whiteberry

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